Labels are Important: Know Real Gold and What is VSPL

Labels are important, as it is with gold. But before we expound on this further, it is important to identify what label we will be talking about.

Let us have a short introduction about gold before we explore its different tags. This article aims to give information on what is gold and how to identify and classify gold. In particular, it will further discuss gold marked as VSPL.


A Brief Lookback

What is gold? Most of us know it is a precious metal that has been popular to civilization all over the world for many thousands of years. It is identified by its lustrous yellow tone and high malleability. Upon discovery by mixing gold with other metals, two other tones are now available; these are white gold and rose gold

Used more commonly either for jewelry or as money. Gold is also seen in a wide range of ornamental objects, furniture, pieces of electronics, and even for tooth structures and fillings in dentistry.

That considered, recent trends have also brought the use of gold in cosmetics, skin care, and even food! Truly, there is a wide range for the use of gold and it is highly likely that we have not seen all of it yet.


Where Does It Come From?

Gold is obtained through mining and is usually found embedded among rocks underground along other valuable minerals. Otherwise, flakes or nuggets of it can also be found in waterways and riverbeds. These two sources of gold classify its two major categories, primary and secondary respectively. 

But did you know gold is not naturally occurring to Earth? As a matter of fact, gold is heavenly. Unlike other minerals that are formed by nature over time, certain amounts of pressure, and high temperature, gold is from the cosmos. It is formed when stars die through massive stellar explosions. The asteroid impacts during the Earth’s formation brought gold to our planet’s core. In short, gold is actually the remains of dead stars buried deep in our surface.


The Different Types of Gold

Gold is classified depending on its purity measure in “karat”.


Parts of Gold

Purity [%]













The more parts of gold there are, the higher is the purity and the malleability of this precious metal. In that same sense, the more expensive gold is. Although location is a factor for its price, gold is gold anywhere you find it on Earth. To be forward about it, it does not matter where it came from. What is more important is considering its purity.


Know What is Real Gold

There are several tests that can be done to check what is real gold but the easiest and most convenient is by doing the water test. Since gold is a kind of heavy metal, you should expect that it would sink in water. If it floats, it is fake.

Among many other tests, these are some that can be done easily. 

  • Magnet Test
  • Stamp Test 
  • Guaranteed Test

Relevant to these tests note that (1) gold is not magnetic, (2) should have a small stamp that states its karat, and (3) should pass the keen eye of a certified jeweler.


Shopping for Gold

Now that we know what real gold is, there are several other things that are important to note especially if you love shopping for gold.  

Browsing online, you must have noticed that there are several labels you can read on listings for authentic gold jewelry pieces. Most noticeable on the product descriptions are the country of origin that includes Saudi, Japan, Thailand, Italy, and China to name a few. But aside from the country, you must be wondering about those labels in upper case letters namely REG, SPL, VSPL, VVSPL, VVVSPL and so on and so forth. They are actually differentiated by how many Vs there are but these letters stand for:


REG = Regular

Regular gold jewelry is simple. There are no intricate designs. It is straightforward and uncomplicated. This is more affordable compared to other types of gold jewelry.


SPL = Special

Special gold jewelries are more expensive and are more detailed. These are pieces with design and detail that sets it apart from the regular kind.


VSPL = Very Special

Very special gold jewelry, as you can expect, are more expensive and more detailed than the first two. 

The more Vs you see in the label, the more special it gets. It can be very, very, special to very, very, very, very, very, very, special and that is not an exaggeration. There can even be more Vs to it.

These types of jewelry are set apart by how complicated or elaborate the designs are, the other materials used for the craft, and the worth of labor poured for the gold jewelry creation. The more Vs there are, the more expensive a piece is.


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