Why June is the Month of Wedding

Planning to tie the knot very soon? Wedding rings and engagement rings are the usual firsts in the checklist of couples. These are then followed by the tentative dates alongside church or venue schedules. In actuality, there are tons of things and even superstitions that our cultures attach with this emblematic matrimony. Today, we are to discover more about the stunning bride-to-be and the significant connection the month of June shares with her.

Wedding ring for June bride and groom

You’ve probably heard of the term June bride. This is a common phrase when it comes to weddings—June bride. And a lot of brides out there dream to have that June wedding and be called always a June bride!  Let’s see how this terminology comes to be associated with soon-to-be wedded couples even in the 21st century!


The Lore

In Ancient Roman mythology, Juno is the Queen of the Gods, the Goddess of marriage and childbirth. This is practically the reason why she received such devotion and love from Roman women. Intertwined with such two important milestones in a woman’s life—marriage and childbirth, she was called Juno Lucina which means “Juno who brings to light”. Her name may well have been the source of the month of June. And yes, June is the month popular then and now for marriages. 

In addition, the ancient traditions typically avoid getting married in May, a month just before the popular wedding month. This is because in Roman times, the Feast of the Dead and the Festival of the Goddess of Chastity Diana falls on the month of May. They believe that it is unlucky for the couples to get hitched in this combination of festivals. It makes all the sense as no husband and wife in that time wouldn't wish for a child and bring happiness to their starting family. Not to mention that they would have to simultaneously mourn in the Feast of the Dead and then be happy and excited for their honeymoon.


The Calendar

You read that right! The notion of June weddings is also associated with the Celtic calendar. On the Cross-Quarter day of Beltane—a celebration for the Celtic goddess Eostre or Ostara that falls on May 1st to which young couples usually pair off and court for three months. And they would be wed on the next Cross-Quarter Day or August 1st. As young couples are known to be impatient and impetuous, the waiting period would be shortened to mid-June. Hence, it secures the continuity of June bride. 

The good weather that June also offers makes it easier for wedding guests to join the ceremony. This is in addition to the fact that fluorescence or the blooming of most flowers are found in spring—flowers which also aided weddings in the medieval times. It is often thought that medieval men and women care little to none when it comes to personal hygiene. But they do have an annual bath, a thorough one at that! This annual bath commonly falls in the month of May or of June which means June brides still smelled relatively fresh. Thus, grooms and brides are more inclined to enjoy their moment of bliss. 

Speaking of fresh, you may want to note that flowers were used not only as a beautiful addition and color to the celebration. Why else are flowers present in weddings? Well, as previously mentioned, the abundance of flowers for June brides are overwhelming. The use of flowers is not only romantic or emotional but also to overpower the smell of the bride and even that of the guests. Brides carry a bouquet of flowers to hide their body odour. Yes, it is the birth of carrying a wedding bouquet of the bride while walking down the aisle. Remember that lifebuoy soaps were invented in the late 17th century. And the month of June opens the summertime thus reminding us of the humid air it brings. 

Modern day weddings make use of the advantages that June offers breathtaking nature as their backdrop for wedding photos and videos. Surely, no couples or wedding coordinators would enjoy the gloom that a rainy day brings. Statistics also say that approximately 10% of weddings worldwide take place in June. And it shares the largest percentage amongst other months. Even the numbers show how June brides and grooms overshadow the rest of the calendar. It is affirmative to consider getting married in the auspicious month of June. Cheers to beautiful brides who are tying the knot in June, you will always be a bride!

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