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Fact Check: Is Saudi Gold better than other Countries' Gold?

Diamond rings and engagement rings are usually set in gold for its elegance and significance. Gold is one dense lustrous yellow precious metal that never lost its value and reverence throughout the centuries. Likewise, precious jewels in gold are irresistible for purchasers and the royalties. For some, purchasing gold is an investment, an ornament, a gift, or a future contingency. Let’s see if our next step takes us to streets paved with gold!



Where can we find gold?

In nearly every continent of the world we can find gold! And there are many places where it is a common occurrence. Gold, when found in nature, is categorized into two: primary gold (rock formations) and secondary gold (waterways). Primary gold is usually found alongside other minerals such as quartz and silver while secondary gold is when it is carried down from rock formations and flows to small waterways. The small nuggets or flakes then settle to a waterbed covered with dirt. In the Philippines, both primary and secondary gold are procured. 

According to USGS, about 244,000 tons of gold has been discovered to date. The three main contributors are China, Australia, and South Africa. In 2016, the United States ranked fourth in gold production. Most of the gold is used in manufacturing jewelry. Let’s not forget that gold is an essential industrial metal for different products, devices, equipment, and such. So, gold is a remarkable adornment and functional piece for our daily lives.


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But how do we measure gold’s quality?

We can go on with a lot of fancy terms but gauging the gold’s quality is dependent on its karat—indicating the proportion of gold in alloy or any other metal out of 24 parts (e.g. 18K gold is 18/24 parts gold). Conversely, the use of carat (in place of karat) is to indicate the fineness of gold. Either carat or karat refers to measuring gold’s quality. 

To which consumers ask: what about the difference in shades of gold? The difference is based on the alloy or metal mixed to make it 14K or 18K and so on. If we do the math, 24K is 100% gold, 18K is 75% gold, and 14K is 58.5% gold. It’s the proper way of measuring gold quality. The best quality of gold is 24K—the purest form of gold. Remember that pure gold is 2.5 on the Mohs scale. It’s about the same hardness of your fingernail. This is why other metal or alloy is used to mix for jewelry making.


Hard fact: Gold is gold. 

Regardless of the origin of gold you are holding, if it's tested and verified as gold, it’s not a lucky strike. If you are a potential buyer, prominent in the market of gold jewelry are countries such as China, Italy, India, Thailand, Switzerland, Japan, Dubai, and Saudi to name a few. Whenever one talks about gold, Dubai is probably the first place to go. Archaeological finds have also shown abundance of gold in Egypt. 

However, some sellers are using marketing terms such as Italy gold, Japan gold, and Saudi gold—is it a fact that Saudi gold is better than other country’s gold? Setting the records straight, the answer is no. Some people claim that the shade of gold is counted as a measuring quality. Let’s remember that the “yellowness” of gold is dependent on the alloy or metal mixed to produce such color. It is true however, that Saudi Arabia is abundant in gold. 


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Why is there a difference in the value of gold?

The value of gold is determined by its purity. Despite this, the difference in value may lean towards the design of the jewelry. This is relatively true whenever consumers ask why Japan gold is more expensive than Saudi gold. Just the same, the common gold found in a certain location is also a factor. For example, the gold pieces in Italy are usually 18K which explains why it costs more than the gold jewelry in the US which is commonly 14K. 

International brands procure and manufacture gold jewelry without branding its origin. It only makes sense as the quality of gold is gauged through its karat and purity. It’s only here in the Philippines that we hear such terms of Saudi gold as a standard. It probably stemmed from our kababayans OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) that it became a household name. 

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