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A Look into Salt and Pepper

Care to have your own natural diamond encrusted jewelry? It is normally the most expensive and rare. Still everyone wants to have something special to remember forever with. 

With salt and pepper diamonds, you get the same thing, only seasoned with specks of white and black that makes it more eccentric and unique, but for a more friendly price range. Still these natural diamonds are chic and certainly not as cheap. Some are even so distinct they are recognized as a geological wonder.


Salt and Pepper Diamond? Is that a thing?

Yes! No kidding! This is not about the condiments in your kitchen or dining table. There’s such a thing for natural gemstones of the salt and pepper kind. You see, normally, a high-grade diamond has a pure quality to its formation of carbon atoms. Meanwhile, the salt and pepper kind have a personality that comes with the hint of white and black inclusions that are other minerals embedded within the diamond. These are elements that are not limited to, but include natural black carbon flaws, dots of graphite, hematite and pyrite that add flavor to the gem.

Although, normally a diamond would be graded for its 4Cs (color, cut, clarity, and carat), this is an exemption to the standard. Now, isn’t that interesting on its own?

The natural flaws, these birthmarks, are the exclusive prints that make salt and pepper diamonds stand out. Depending on the manifestation and kind of inclusions, it can appear milky and colored. The hints of yellow, green and red can give a shade of peach, orange, rose, or champagne, misty. On the other hand, the grey coloring can appear icy, misty, stormy, cloudy, or opaque.

Because of these characteristics, no two salt and pepper diamonds are the same. There’s only one of each particular piece. 

Go, take a look. You’ll surely get mesmerized by how it resembles the galaxy. It’s mystery is its beauty.


Different Cuts to The Spectrum 

A diamond craftsman would usually make a rose cut for salt and pepper diamonds which, as the name suggests, resembles the look of a rose. It is a beautiful antique cut with a flat bottom but with a top feature that can have three (3) to twenty-four (24) facets. This specific cut helps enhance the brilliance of the diamond. However, aside from the cut, it can also shine by showcasing it through different fancy shapes like a half moon, hexagon, kite, or shield. Any cut can work as long as it can highlight the inclusions and make the gem dazzling. 

But another viable option is using a traditional cut such as oval, cushion, pear, emerald or round. These traditional diamonds have a culet which pertains to the bottom point of the gem where all facets come together.  “Pointed” culets are more likely to improve the overall appearance and fire of diamonds as it allows for the optimal brilliance.  It allows less light to escape and more reflected in different directions. 

salt and pepper diamond

How Much Are They Worth?

If you’re looking for a natural diamond but you have a specific budget in mind, aside from lab-grown diamonds, you can check out salt and pepper diamonds. The typical clear natural diamond may cost more depending on the carat. Meanwhile, you can have bigger salt and pepper diamonds embedded in without impacting the cost too much. Achieve size and beauty for a more desirable price point. 

Although they are not as rare and demand is not as high, these natural diamonds are gaining popularity. Through its market-driven value, the salt and pepper diamonds’ worth have potential and continuously rises. Despite their imperfections, these are special.


Trending Galaxy Diamond Accessories

Because of the one-of-a-kind look of each galaxy diamond or also popularly known as the Salt and Pepper diamond, it is perfect for once in a lifetime occasions like engagements and weddings as well as casual events you go to. The versatile appeal of this kind of diamond makes it captivating to see in different kinds of jewelries aside from rings alone. It can also pair well, whether as accents or the centerpiece of earrings, necklaces and jeweled bracelets.


Find them at Meycauayan Jewelries

At the heart of the Jewelry Capital of the Philippines, you can see the collection of unique and stunning salt and pepper diamond rings. These gems can be seen proudly nested on top of unique bands to complement and showcase its captivating beauty.

salt pepper ring - Meycauyan Jewelries

These salt and pepper jewelry pieces at Meycauayan Jewelries are not enhanced or treated in any artificial way.  We understand that there is a specific kind of sparkle you want. Find it here and see how our collections reflect the passion and sincerity for the craft. 

Shop at our collections and see what fits your taste.

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