Bring Out the Beauty of Rose Gold

Bring Out the Beauty of Rose Gold

There are several types of gold such as the popular yellow gold, the neat white gold, and the trendy black gold. These kinds of gold have three parts more gold and a part of the other metal that gives it these certain variations. Thus in the same fashion, in creating the balance of pure gold and copper, another alloy is formed—giving birth to "rose gold". And ever since it was first used by famed jeweler Carl Faberge of Russia in the 19th century, its fame is notwithstanding its first appearance several hundred years later.

Some would think that because of the elegance it exudes, it is worth more than other types of gold but certainly, it all depends on the ratio of gold used.

Rose gold has more gold than copper. The combination of these metals is what gives it the vibrant reddish hue unique to rose gold. If you want something lighter though, you can add a portion of silver to achieve the tone of pink gold. 

But why not choose pure golds? Why not select that 24 karat piece and feel the wonder and luxury in the air? It’s because mixing metals makes sense. Pure gold is too soft and would easily get deformed with accidental bumps and falls. But with alloys such as the rose gold, aside from this beautiful tint, you’ll also have durability. Wear it easily and confidently anywhere you go without worrying as much.

rose gold ring

That said, you cannot deny that aside from these immediate qualities, rose gold gives you that lavish and feminine air like no other. 

Currently, its popularity continues to gain momentum as it gets advertised and patronized by famous fashion and luxury icons. 


Choose Rose Gold, The Popular Choice of Popular Icons

Perhaps the 21st century is a key period that propels rose gold engagement rings to its fame. Seeing these famous actresses engaged with their own rose sparkling piece, we cannot help but think that rose gold is here to stay.

Considering that these ladies are not only known for their acclaimed work in the entertainment industry, they are also considered as style and fashion icons with their own flare, let’s see what made each engagement a thrill.

Blake Lively: 12 carat flawless oval pink center diamond

Blake Lively: Her 12 carat flawless oval pink center diamond is set in four sturdy prongs, surrounded by  smaller diamonds set in its rose gold band. It surely turned heads around because the rare pink diamond was well complemented by the color of its band. Its is an intricate design chose personally by the Gossip Girl actress’ beau, Ryan Reynolds. Their engagement surely made the buzz of the year 2012.

Emma Roberts: The year 2013 was just as loud. With a 3-carat round center diamond stunner set in a rose gold band crusted with smaller diamonds, fans were dazzled as Emma Roberts and Peter Evans shared their engagement during a red carpet event. They are both beautiful people wearing their best evening look that night, but the crowd couldn’t help staring at this unique piece nestled in a halo setting.


Alison Brie: It was a romantic quiet whirlwind of romance as Mad Men actress, Alison Brie and the Scrubs actor, Dave Franco got engaged in 2015 after three years of dating. This low key couple still keep the fire burning and though we can say that the rest was history, we certainly should not overlook their rose cut diamond beauty sitting prominently atop a rose gold engagement band with pave diamonds.

Bloom with a Rose Gold Engagement Ring

A delicate pink gold is truly irresistible. Rediscover your options and see rose gold diamond rings in a new light.  This pink tone can be considered a unique reflection of love as it is gentle as it is timeless. Other choices may come and go. Make the best choice, drink your rosé wine, and make your lover swoon with a pink bauble.

Although rose gold does tarnish like any other gold colors such as white and yellow gold, you can’t help but wear it proudly all the time and display your engagement for everyone  to see. Years may pass and it will only look more beautiful and interesting over time. Whether as a fresh piece or a vintage jewelry, its appeal surely surpasses time.

Color change on gold jewelry is natural. It becomes apparent over time due to many factors such as a person’s acidity of sweat, washing with soap or other sanitizers, weathering, and more. The daily exposure to natural elements and other chemicals contribute to this change or tarnishing but note that this does not affect the actual value of gold per karat. For others this even adds the vintage appeal and mysterious allure as each rose gold piece carry a story.

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