“Pawn Stars” - Can you pawn an 18k rose gold engagement ring?

Basically, pawning is created for the purpose of getting loans or getting money in exchange of a collateral that is usually something valuable. Most of the time, like here in the Philippines, we are familiar with popular pawnshops and are often no stranger to the concept of pawning. It is one that gives as relief when we need money in exchange for something valuable such as precious rings. But before we get to pawning 18k rose gold engagement rings, let us first appreciate the value of rose gold.

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Get to Know the Real Rose Gold

First and foremost, there is no such thing as a “pure rose gold”.  Therefore, you should be wary of those that highly advertise their jewelry in such a way, especially with “fancies” or fancy jewelry. These maybe rose gold in color, but they have no gold in composition. That said, rose gold is real gold. 

Considering that rose gold is one of the most popular gold colors, and with 18 karats having 75% of pure gold, appraisers promote “hallmarked gold”.

Hallmark gold is the type of gold that is assessed and assured for its quality and purity. India’s Hallmarking system which is the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) awards quality certification for gold which can also be seen engraved in a bar of gold. Uncertified gold on the other hand are called “normal gold”. 

Thus, it is normal to look for the stamp of purity in your jewelry piece. Purity of gold is measured by the percentage of gold in parts per thousand values that is between 24K – 99.9% (999), 22K – 91.7% (917), 20K – 83.3% (833), 18K – 75.0% (750), to 14K – 58.3% (583), and 10K – 41.7% (417)

Real rose gold is often available in 14k and 18k variants. So, to check if you are buying real rose gold, look for the stamp that proves it value.


Is Rose Gold Worth It?

Who doesn’t love a classy engagement ring? It is typically one of the most expensive and meaningful possession a woman can have. It is the symbol of a partner’s sign of proposal, a commitment, a statement that you are taken and loved, a promise to forever. Precious as it is, it is something those who possess it would never want to part with. But sometimes, there are instances where one has to part with their precious engagement ring.

Among all the popular engagement rings, we can look back and see that rose gold engagement rings have been trending for a while now. Generally, rose gold has been seen around Russia in the 19th century but it became more popular later in the 1920s as United States took interest and appreciated it as a luxurious and graceful commodity for women. More recently, it’s been seen frequently in style and wedding magazines catching the eye of style authorities and fashion icons. But more importantly catching the hearts of future brides and hopeful grooms in the making. 

Truthfully, we can agree, rose gold has cemented its relevance with women and love and is here to stay. 


What If You Need Something to Pawn?

We understand that sometimes there are circumstances where it calls for us to check our precious belongings and see what we can pawn to make ends meet. It is one of the reasons that valuable jewelry is a worthy investment that we can benefit from over time. Rose gold makes a perfect investment for these kinds of instances.

As rose gold, or what was then known as a “Russian Gold”, is a mix of pure gold and copper alloy—which are composed of precious and alloy metals that is actually, more gold than copper. Aside from the appealing feminine tinge it has, this mix makes it marketable considering the comparative amount of gold it has that is measured in karats. Although it is not worth as much as pure gold, its price is appraised per karat of gold it has.

That said, in comparison to other variants of gold jewelry, since copper cost less than other types of alloy metals, it is slightly less expensive than white or yellow gold. White gold is a mix of pure gold, nickel, silver, or palladium to make that off-white, lighter tone while yellow gold is made with a mix of copper and zinc. Still, it is worth as much as the gold it has.


How Much is an 18k Gold Engagement Ring?

With jewelry, despite it’s changing value, it usually tends to grow in value over time. 

Not considering the center stone (if any) or other accent stones (if any), whether with an engagement ring or other jewelry piece, currently, per gram 18k rose gold is pawned at around P2,100, up from the old rate of P1,800 per Inquirer News’ update.

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