Why do people get diamond rings?

Diamond rings are naturally perceived to be wedding rings and engagement rings. But why is that? Well, it’s intrinsic to associate diamonds on such occasions. The matrimonial ceremonies of couples exist almost in every religion and culture of humankind. For the longest time, we celebrate the wedded pairs in sparkly diamonds. 

The concept of engagement and wedding rings may seem confusing to some. Human history tells us that different civilizations kick-start giving gifts as a token of love and loyalty to their partners. To date back, Neanderthals who are notorious barbarians tie grasses, twigs, and rushes around wrists or ankles of their other half expressing friendship and loyalty. Later on, Ancient Egyptians believe that a circle is a symbol of eternity—hence, a ring. This ring is made up of ivory, bones, and hemp. It is also known as ‘ring money’ which spouses may use in legal claims to their husband’s possessions. To which, unsurprisingly, Romans also share the legalities and the romantic notion that a wedding ring comes with. 

The universal symbol that wedding rings and engagement rings hold comes in different shapes, forms, and stones. Let’s explore the whys of people getting a diamond for their rings, today!

Diamond rings inspire eternal bonds.

The inspiration of eternity associated with diamonds skyrocketed from the marketing campaign of De Beers. And yes, you’ve heard it before: “A diamond is forever”. Surely, who wouldn’t want to be with their partner for a lifetime? We say “I do” for a lifetime’s bond with our partner. Also, a line from Marilyn Monroe’s song “a diamond is a girl’s best friend”! The social construct of men giving a diamond ring has been established even more then. This concept however, is not only a product of the campaigns made but also lies behind the awareness and education given to and accepted by the people. The period of time that diamonds take to form hundreds of kilometres below the earth’s surface is at least a billion year old. Hence, the time over the formulation of a diamond proves the value we put as well in giving a diamond ring to our better half.

Diamond rings signify status and value.

All thanks to Archduke Maximilian I of Austria that the elite society took inspiration to the first ever documented diamond ring for his betrothed, Mary of Burgundy. This significant event marked history as the inspiration spread like wildfire that the entire Western culture embraced it almost naturally. It spiralled down from the elite society to which the mass looked up to. The reverence that people invest in knowing the what-about of the royals made it easier to embrace such a trend. Take the breathtaking diamond engagement ring of Queen Elizabeth for example. It features a round cut diamond set in platinum and surrounded by ten smaller inset diamonds.  Prince Philip designed the 3-carat diamond engagement ring himself (with the help from British jeweller Philip Antrobus Ltd.) Diamond rings definitely prove how status and value is presented.

Diamond rings offer ethical luxury.

Majority of brides these days get diamond rings for an engagement and their wedding rings. As diamond rings remain to be the most sought-after luxury rocks, the bridal and engagement jewelry market focus its gaze in innovative ways. For sure, diamond rings are luxurious jewelry albeit these days the market also offers ethical options we can choose from! More and more couples shift their preferences in choosing environment-friendly jewelry. So what innovation are we looking at? None other than diamonds grown in laboratories! Now, these diamonds created in the four corners of a laboratory have the same composition of a mined diamond. So what’s the catch? Well, you get to catch the incredible discount that lab grown diamonds can offer! Such prestige with the emblematic diamond within your reach. 

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