What are some best wedding ring designs?

Wedding rings are emblems of matrimonial ceremonies and eternal bonds. To which the presentation of a ring between the couple signifies the union whether in church or civil processes. Wedding rings are celebrated as the ultimate symbol of the couple’s union for a lifetime. The question is how do you know when to put your chips down in choosing your own wedding ring design? Be an item and list down with today’s topic!

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Work with Durability, Comfort, and Lifestyle!

Choosing your wedding ring design that best suits you should revolve around durability, comfort, and lifestyle. You’re probably wondering why you should consider these three factors, right? Most people would agree that the couple’s engagement is the highlight of their journey. Building this up, the wedding rings are typically if not intentionally overlooked. To that, I say we take another glance. Let’s remember that married people, more often than not, wear their wedding rings on a daily basis. This is most especially true to married couples who use their hands frequently in work and profession. 

Gold, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, silver, platinum and titanium wedding rings are infamous ring materials. Combination of pure gold to palladium (and/or other materials) is also known to strengthen the final product. Hence, reaching the durability needed for the everyday wearing of your wedding ring! As it is more difficult to decide for a woman’s wedding ring, it will help complement the engagement ring material to avoid a mismatch. Mismatching metals may rub the harder one against the softer metal which chafes the rings over time. One good example is complimenting your pure gold engagement ring with another pure gold wedding ring. To this day, numerous couples sought pure gold and sterling silver for both their engagement rings and wedding rings. 

In this measure, we should also include the comfort of the wearer. Profiling the width, thickness, and finger size are absolute green flags. Stone settings or patterns are remarkable factors in some ring designs and styles. Thus, these factors add up in affecting the structural integrity of your wedding ring in the long run. Typically, 2-2.5mm is the minimum width for women while 2.5-5mm for men. The thickness of the ring on the other hand, refers to its wall. But why don't we want our wedding rings too thin? As it is an everyday item we wear as a married pair, it’s more prone to scratches or worse damages causing deterioration of the ring’s firm hold. It’s a must that we consider the ring design according to its width and thickness. If you prefer a diamond stone setting design, a generous measurement (carat-based) must be considered. 


So, the best wedding ring designs are out there?

Absolutely! One of the best and all-time favourite wedding ring designs—diamond in the setting of gold! Despite centuries apart, the inspiration led by Archduke Maximilian I and Mary of Burgundy lives to the 21st century. No wonder brides-to-be insist on having diamonds both for engagement rings and wedding rings. A classic wedding ring that embodies love and commitment truly never goes out of style! The elegance of gold and diamond combined is just irresistible. 

For a more modern spin, matte finish wedding rings fit perfectly the preferences of gents who desire to break away from custom. This contemporary matte style with brushed metal finish creates a trend popular with men and also women. It truly stands as a statement-making jewelry for young couples and young at hearts as well!

Just the same, mixed metal wedding rings such as gold and platinum signify extreme luxury. Who wouldn’t want to team up gold with platinum? Elegance fused with firmness equates to a powerful bond. Customizing a wedding ring takes a powerful match of gems, materials, profiling, and lifestyle. At the end of the day, prioritizing your comfort should be first in the list, as always. Never compromise comfort at the expense of trends. Wear and cherish your wedding ring as reciprocity to the symbolism it embodies. Certainly priceless yet meaningful.

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