Why My Girlfriend insists on having a Diamond

Engagement rings come in different shapes and forms. From classic solitaire to three stone to cluster settings, its evolution leads our generation towards diamond engagement rings and diamond wedding rings.  But have you ever wondered how diamonds made it to your girlfriend’s list of must-haves? 

Proposal of marriage hails an important milestone of one’s lifetime. Couples who are tying the knot definitely experience this phase of choosing from pools of ideas and eventually come down to diamond rings—one way or another. Without a doubt, the marketing campaigns of De Beers’ diamonds are forever and Marilyn Monroe’s influential line diamonds are a girl’s best friend could be held responsible. Today, we are listing down the top three reasons why your girlfriend insists on having diamond as your engagement ring. Let’s bring even more light to this ever-dazzling query!

Why diamond rings

The custom

Exchanging rings is a tradition that takes us back to three millennia ago. The tradition was led by the Ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman. This custom was continued to the Medieval Times where the first famous diamond engagement ring was given by Archduke Maximilian of Austria to Mary of Burgundy. The said ring is described to be made up of small flat diamonds which spelled out Mary’s initial (M). Absolutely a gift fit for the future duchess, who at the time was the most eligible bachelorette on the land. This trend continued to be a tradition in the aristocracy. The grand tradition of giving diamond engagement rings that stirred the nobles mesmerized the population. Today, this norm inspired engagement and wedding practices even to the working class and ordinary people. Well, who wouldn’t want to be part of this grand custom anyway?

The symbolic meaning

Deeply rooted in the ancient traditions, diamonds in engagement rings and wedding rings pose a symbolic meaning. The Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs believed the symbolism of a circle having no beginning and no end. Thus, rings being circles represent eternity. And eternity is possibly the highest regard a pharaoh can offer as union rituals are concerned. On the other hand, Ancient Greeks give rings to their lovers as a symbol of devotion using iron and copper rings in marriage ceremonies. It then transitioned to use of gold wedding rings. It was the Medieval Times that started the trend of wedding rings in rubies, sapphires, and diamonds. Diamond rings symbolize unwavering strength. It is indeed an emblem of brilliance and hardness. The royalties of the ancient times, the medieval times, and the modern times share their ardent love for diamond jewelry. 

As people look up to the nobility, the inspiration of diamond rings reaches the white-collared society. Not surprising at all if you ask me. To sum up, diamond rings in engagement and wedding signifies a union of eternity, devotion, and power. These three emblematic ‘present consent’ certainly set the benchmark for a couple in looking forward and building up a marriage life. 

The difference and uniqueness

Diamond engagement rings rose to popularity during the Victorian times. This influence was paved by Queen Victoria’s well-known love for diamond jewelry. Honestly, just how many people do you know own a diamond for engagement rings and wedding rings? This question probably inspires most couples to buy diamonds for their engagement and wedding rings. In the early 13th century, the first diamond wedding ring was recorded and left by an English widow in her last will. To which a poem about two Italian socialites reads: “Two wills, two hearts, two passions are bonded in one marriage by a diamond”. Truly, this bond that diamonds create is hard to find these days. Just like how difficult and challenging it is to find a diamond. Diamonds being rare embodies loyalty. Loyalty and royalty—what a prominent combination! 

The glamorous idea of engagement in a diamond ring exhilarates the female. Let’s face it, being presented with a diamond engagement ring cries out that “you are worth it”. It proves the value we take hold of giving diamond engagement rings and wedding rings. But why choose diamonds? 

Diamond rings are considered both an investment and heirloom in the long run. Hitting two birds in one grand diamond stone—a couple truly looks forward to building a life with one another. Today, ethical luxury tips the jewelry consumption scale. More and more capable grooms and brides-to-be choose environment-friendly diamonds for their engagement rings and wedding bands.  Taking our love and reverence for diamonds to the next level! The social and environmental responsibility sits just right with diamond engagement rings. Seal your proposal of a lifetime with a diamond engagement ring while upholding your ethical responsibilities. It makes all the difference! 

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