Why Invest in Lab Grown Diamond?

With the continuous rise in popularity of Lab Grown Diamonds, more are taking notice of the value that comes with investing in these gemstones. Advanced and smart technology have made it possible for us to possess a fine piece of diamond that also boasts of added ethical value. From how and where these gems were made to what advocacy it supports, lab created diamonds offer great reasons for why you should invest in diamonds

A beautiful piece
of diamond
that boasts of added
ethical value.

Sustainability and Traceability

Lab created diamonds are your eco-friendly alternative to traditionally mined rocks. These environmental friendly diamonds own the exact same intrinsic properties as their earth-mined counterparts but come with the assurance that they were ethically produced and sourced. Compared to digging a diamond out of the ground, it takes considerably less energy and reduced carbon footprint to grow a diamond in a laboratory. Added to that, more diamond growers are shifting to utilizing renewable power to operate their state-of-the-art labs.

Most young consumers are drawn to transparency. Millennials and Generation Z, who are now considered as the world’s largest consumers of diamond engagement rings and jewelry, are more discerning as they want to make sure that every purchase meets their socially conscious criteria. Lab grown diamonds’ traceability, like where the rock was sourced and how it was grown,  makes investment in these precious stones more attractive to this generation of jewelry buyers.

Technological Innovation

Investing in lab grown diamonds also means supporting the industry that grows these precious rocks for purposes other than to make jewelry. Diamonds, which are known for their durability and versatility, were originally grown for industrial use and high tech applications. From making abrasive granules for cutting tools to producing diamond coatings that are applied to a number of medical devices - scientists and product engineers are continuously developing new ways to make and use diamonds in other industrial and medical diagnostic applications. When you invest in lab grown diamond jewelry, you do not only promote ethical consumerism but also support further research and development efforts to create cutting edge technology.

quality lab grown diamonds

High-grade Diamonds at a Budget-friendly Price

Lab grown diamonds are bona fide diamonds! They are recognized by the Federal Trade Commission as real diamonds and certified by trusted international labs. They are chemically, physically, and optically identical with those formed inside the Earth’s mantle. These diamonds created in high-tech labs undergo the same meticulous grading process as traditionally mined gems. Both are graded based on the 4C's’of Diamonds: Color, Clarity, Cut, and the Carat weight. In buying lab grown diamonds, you get the same high-grade exquisite gem without busting your budget. A man-made diamond passes through fewer hands compared to the traditional mining process making it more cost-effective, without compromising its brilliance and beauty.

So, why invest in lab grown diamonds? ‘Coz now it is possible for you to get that perfect ring on your finger and flaunt that stunning diamond, the size of your choice, guilt-free!



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