Lab-Grown Diamond: The Rising Popularity among Celebrities

The sparkle of the lab-grown diamond industry continues to glow at this rate. Showing frugality may be a big no to some but as the number grows, more and more people invest in these sustainable, practical, ethical, and competitively-priced man-made stones. Just ten years ago, laboratory grown diamonds hit zero awareness towards customers. Now, the list from engagement rings, diamond wedding rings down to accessories are making lab-grown diamonds 20-30% less expensive and budget-friendly to couples and young adult consumers. 

So, how did it go from zero to hero? Let’s find out and see five of the famous international celebrities flaunting these lab-grown diamonds in red carpet events. 

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First on our list is a couple—the Twilight actress Nikki Reed and The Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder. Their engagement in February 2015 didn’t feature a lab-grown diamond but plans on redesigning it with a synthetic stone. She added that his open-minded husband supported the redesigning plan with a cultivated diamond. Interestingly, this paved her even bigger investment in lab-grown diamonds adding up to the world of fine jewelry!

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We also have actress and activist Emma Watson. She attended the 2018 Academy Awards and the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party wearing earrings (Vrai & Oro) from recycled gold and accessorized with lab-grown diamonds. Modestly displayed too was her recycled gold sapphire cuff (AnaKatarina) along with a responsibly-sourced bracelet and ring (AnaKhour). Truly a magnificent statement with her jewelry!

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Next is the showstopper Lady Gaga as she attended the London premiere of A Star is Born in September 2018. She graced the red carpet in her Victorian-inspired Alexander McQueen gown with a ruffled collar and beaded corset. She showed-off her pair of ethically-sourced Constellation Pearl earrings (Anabela Chan) made of three freshwater pearls and nine brilliant-cut lab-grown diamonds. Precious and guilt-free, isn’t it?

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Probably the most vocal advocate of lab-grown diamonds out there is Penelope Cruz. She teamed up with Atelier Swarovski in creating a collection of synthetic and sophisticated jewels. In May 2018, Cruz’s collection debuted in the 71st Cannes Film Festival accessorizing celebrities such as Zendaya, Mandy Moore, Karlie Kloss, Laura Dern, and Olivia Palermo to name a few. Cruz shared that “…making something responsible, beautiful, and empowering for women to wear is very emotional for me.” Variety of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings comprise her collection showing-off lab-grown diamonds, synthetic sapphires and rubies.  


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Finally, is the Duchess of Sussex as she attended an event last January 2019 in London with her outfit accessorized in a pair of lab-grown diamond earrings (Kimai). The Dutch jewelry company which was based in Belgium walked the talk as they carried out their sustainable mission packing jewelry in recyclable materials. They did hit twice the environmental support there is. 

As more celebrities wear these sustainable diamond stones in public, the popularity of lab grown diamonds will continue to rise without compromising your budget and conscience. Are you on the look for your next handmade jewelry set? Let Meycauayan Jewelries give you a trustworthy experience of natural and lab-grown diamonds in your engagement ring and wedding ring, today!

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