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I Choose You: the perfect ring for the perfect one

Finding the one is rare and special. Finding the perfect engagement ring is just as. Whether you are on your way to find a ring together or in pursuit, on your own—here’s an easy guide to help you choose the perfect diamond engagement ring. 

Keep in mind that there are no strict rules. The most important is your confidence and comfort. As wedding proposals are just as exciting and memorable as the wedding, consider the following guidelines to help you decide.

The Style

This will solely depend on your partner’s lifestyle and personality. Consider that this is the one accessory that you will wear for a lifetime. It is primary to know your partner’s daily activities to see what style will not get in the way of his or her work and cause accident or injury. You can choose from a range classic to contemporary, simple or bold, intricate or unembellished.

The Stone

While there is a demand for mined diamonds that are naturally formed beneath the earth’s surface through high temperature and pressure, there is also the growing popularity for lab grown diamonds, formulated through technology and innovation. Selecting the stone for your engagement ring may be expensive or more affordable depending on the provenance. Note that whether it is mined or cultured, both types of diamonds are pure and of high quality. 

The Setting

Gemstone setting is just as important in the overall look of your engagement ring. It is what defines how your diamond is securely held in the center and how prominent or flushed is it in the band. The setting complements the style as lower exposure is fit for someone with an active lifestyle while a higher setting pronounces the stone in full display for chic individuals who wears the accessory. 

The Band

This contributes to the overall look and feel of the ring to the wearer. The band may differ in material (with choices from gold, silver, platinum, mixed, etc.), accent (flush, pavé, channel, bezel, bar, etc.), finishing (engraved, indented, embelished or polished) and most importantly, size! To avoid resizing the ring you can propose with a temporary or stand in ring to later affirm the perfect fit with you fiancé.

The Value

Diamonds in the Philippines vary in worth where the main consideration are the 4Cs (Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat) established by the Gemological Institute of America in the 1950s. You should find quality diamonds that are proportionately cut, colorless, clear and radiant; displaying a full range of fire not clouded by any impurity or scarred by any fracture. Top quality diamonds are rare and the most expensive while alternative or lab grown diamonds are not as costly but just as beautiful.

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