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Wear your engagement and wedding ring the right way!

Diamond rings curved the emblematic traditions of engagements and weddings. They came from being a near-indispensable part of the ceremony to being heirlooms—cherished and kept, not to be resold in the market. 

More couples invest in diamond rings in the quest of ethical facets and found lab grown diamonds as their key. Today, engagement ring and wedding band conventions may seem confusing to some.  And yet these conventions grow more to be popular than before!

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So, what exactly is the difference between your engagement ring and your wedding ring?

The key difference is time. Proposals to a lifetime journey require engagement rings—this is before the sweetest yes is finally given. Thus, engagement rings secure the awaited union of a couple. Unpopular to many, men may also wear engagement rings! Fast track to the big day, a wedding ring is usually given and worn in the ceremony of uniting the couple (both in church and in law) as it signifies the matrimonial bond. Couples typically purchase matching wedding rings. Now, more and more couples buy wedding bands which reveal their individualities through various styles, designs, and even color!

The practice of wearing the engagement and wedding ring on the ring finger (third finger) of the left hand roots to ancient Romans. The belief is that our left finger connects a vein directly to our heart—a grand gesture of love and commitment for newlyweds, indeed! This is why people commonly recognize a ring on the left ring finger for an engagement or marriage.


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The conventions set that couples wear the wedding band just below the engagement ring on the left ring finger. So, that's the wedding ring first, then the engagement ring—“closest to their heart” as they say. Before walking down the aisle, brides-to-be wear their engagement ring to their right hand, giving way to the wedding band on their left hand. Interestingly, some people choose to fuse and weld their engagement and wedding rings together—unified bridal pieces worthy of the milestones. 

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A practical way of wearing a simple wedding band every day (for women who work closely and regularly with their hands) is common practice, too. Some may choose to wear their engagement ring on special occasions only. As such, couples who patronize lab grown diamonds not only for ethical aspects but also invest in diamond’s brilliance and prize increases rapidly. 

Precious emblems such as diamond rings should be well-taken care of even in travels. You wouldn’t want to lose or damage your investment in diamonds, right? It’s important to keep in mind that wearing your wedding ring fits best with your personal style—that is how we grow to take good care of it. At the end of the day, how you wear your wedding ring rests in your hands! 


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