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Choosing the Perfect Color of Gold Engagement Rings: White, Yellow, or Rose?

Are you planning to pop the question but can't decide which of the three colors of gold engagement rings to choose? The market for gold jewelry in the Philippines offers three brilliant hues such as white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. This article will help you to make an informed decision to get the best value for your money. 

Gold Engagement Rings: White vs. Yellow vs. Rose

Since there are three types of gold, it makes buying harder since each type has its own characteristics which we will discuss below:

White Gold

This color is achieved when pure gold is combined with silver, nickel, or palladium to create a beautiful piece of jewelry. It is an alternative to platinum rings and sometimes has rhodium plating to achieve its silvery sheen.

Good for:

  • Everyday wear.
  • All skin tones, specifically to fair and rosy skin.
  • Different types of gems and precious stones.

Bad for:

  • Skins that are allergic to nickel
  • Olive or darker skin tones

Yellow Gold

This type of alloy which is also perfect for gold wedding rings is made by mixing pure gold with zinc and copper. It is a classic and timeless gold color  that has been popular since ancient Grecian and Roman times.

Good for:

  • People with sensitive skin because it is hypoallergenic.
  • Olive, tanned, and darker skin tones
  • Resizing since it is the most malleable and easy to manipulate among the three

Rose Gold

Ah, the most romantic color among the three, which is also great for gold wedding rings. Rose gold is a mix of gold and copper. It has other monikers like pink gold or red gold.

Good for:

  • People with artistic and versatile taste since it can be combined with yellow or white gold.
  • Everyday use as it has copper that makes it durable.
  • Warm-tinted gems such as pink sapphires and rubies.

Bad for:

  • People with allergic reactions to copper.
  • Resizing and repairs since you have to match the original color of the metal.

Due to the proliferation of social media, today's generation wants to be more creative when proposing to their partners. They don't just want it to be romantic and memorable. They also want it to be viral and share-worthy across all channels for all the world to know how much you love each other. This is the reason why gold engagement rings are getting more stunning and elaborate. Why not? That ring will be the highlight of your larger-than-life proposal. 

Meycauayan Jewelries has a variety of yellow, white, and rose gold engagement rings and wedding rings. For inquiries, email us at or call (044) 812 1902. You may also visit our Facebook page to check our latest collection.

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