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Your Definitive Guide in Choosing the Best Wedding Month | Gold Wedding Rings Philippines

While you are searching for the perfect set of gold wedding rings, you should also decide which month to tie the knot. It is one of the crucial steps in the wedding planning process. Yup, the nerve-wracking one-year wedding planning process that tests the patience and resourcefulness of couples.

Don't worry because we will help you how to decide on the best wedding month. Read on!

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Some believed that the month of June is inspired by the tradition dating all the way back to the ancient Romans. The reason behind this is to honor Juno, the Roman goddess of family, home, and marriage, according to Mythopedia.

In the Philippines, it is also one of the most popular months to say "I do." However, it is also the start of the wet season. Based on PAGASA, the rainy season starts in June and ends in November. 

Moreover, if you really want this month to be your wedding day, it is better to perform the ceremony and reception indoors for everyone's convenience.


Ah, the month of love! An appropriate month to say your vows. Hence, it easily puts everyone in a romantic vibe.

The downside is it is the peak season because of Valentine's Day celebration. It can be difficult to book a reservation at a restaurant or hotel, and expect that rate to be expensive.

For couples aiming the month of February to exchange gold wedding rings, you should book as early as one year. In addition, avoid flowers that are in demand during February like roses since the price for this flower is more expensive. Take note that this is the same scenario you will experience for the month of January, which is the start of the year.


If you want fair and sunny weather to tie the knot, we suggest picking March or May. You don't have to worry about the unpredictable weather.

It is ideal for beach and garden weddings. Besides, March and May is known for school breaks and long holidays, which means a lower chance of guests not attending your special day.

Despite the sunny weather, expect discomfort among your guests because of the high temperature. It would be also challenging to book for a church wedding, if you want one, since it is the same month when the Lent season is observed.

In case you want to push through the outdoor wedding, choose lighter materials for your wedding suits and dresses. Make sure that there is a huge tent to protect everyone against the scorching heat of the sun.


It is also the most popular wedding month in the Philippines. It feels like you are exchanging special gifts, in the form of gold wedding rings, with one another. 

Furthermore, this is the month of family gatherings and reunions. So there is a possibility for your loved ones who are abroad or in the province to be present on your big day.

On the other hand, December means Christmas season, which translates to heavy traffic jams and last-minute holiday shopping. It is also more expensive since this month is a peak season so expect premium rates.

Factors to consider when picking a wedding month

Although we mentioned the usual months to get married above, you should take into account the following items:

  • Budget = you might reason out that it is okay to splurge since this is a uber-special occasion for you and your partner. Yet you must think twice or thrice before choosing the months of January, February, and December. Remember that you are both starting a new life together which is full of expenses.
  • Weather = match setting and outfit based on the season. If you are aiming to pick dates between January and May, choose lightweight clothes and comfortable venues. For June and December months, you can wear formal suits and dresses, but make sure that you choose an indoor setting.
  • Major holidays = scheduling your wedding on New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, Lent Season, and Christmas have implications. As explained by Bridal Guide, "your wedding date is something you want to celebrate for years to come because of the meaning behind it." Make it more memorable and significant by choosing a date not aligned with those holidays.
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