Princess Cut Diamond for your Princess

February 2021 - Here comes February with a sign that says follow your heart and go after your happily ever after. With cupid flying around, ready to shoot hearts with his passion-tipped arrows, what better time to propose to the love of your life than during this love-filled month? 

Pop the question with an elegantly handcrafted engagement ring adorned with princess cut diamond and give your partner the sweetest luxury Valentine’s gift ever!

Pop the question to your Valentine
with a gold ring adorned with a 
princess cut diamond.

Diamond adorned gold rings are still the most popular choice for engagement and wedding rings, but more and more couples are becoming adventurous when it comes to choosing the type of diamond cut that they want for their symbol of forever. 

princess cut minimalist rings

Square-shaped Gems

One type of diamond shape that is continually gaining popularity in the world of luxury jewelry is the princess cut. Not far behind the more popular round diamonds when it comes to sparkle and brilliance, this type of cut works well with different engagement and wedding ring styles including solitaire and three-stone engagement rings.

Believed to have first been made in the 1960s; and later popularized by Betazel Ambar and Israel Itzkowitz in the 1980s, this type of cut which is technically referred to as a "square modified brilliant” or “rectangular modified brilliant” is versatile and offers an excellent diamond shape option for smart shoppers. It appears to be larger in size compared to other shapes as it has large diagonal measurements. It is also considered as one of the most efficient diamond shapes in that it typically wastes only about 10-20% of the rough stone during the cutting process.

minimalist womens rings

Guilt-free Luxury Diamond

One could never go wrong to have this diamond royalty as a Valentine’s surprise to that special someone or as the ultimate symbol of a strong commitment to embark on a romantic journey to forever with your one true love.

This love month, sweep your soulmate off her feet with an heirloom quality diamond ring. Explore our stunning collection of timeless pieces and pairs that can be crafted with spectacular princess cut diamonds. Shop for delicately handcrafted jewelries online --- guilt-free!

As it is part of Meycauayan Jewelries advocacy to promote a more ethical and sustainable alternative to traditionally-mined diamonds, we also adorn our rings and other fine jewelries with lab grown diamonds. These gemstones are bona fide and are considered more attractive by millennials and Generation Z who are now considered as the world’s largest consumers of diamond engagement rings. Come visit our BLOG to learn more about lab created diamonds.

 Let Meycauayan Jewelries create the perfect ring for you for that once-in-a-lifetime moment.


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