Roses are Red, and So are Rubies Too

Historical and Popular Culture

Rubies easily come to mind as the color red flashes in recognition. We know easily what a ruby is. It is that fiery and remarkable gemstone. Its exquisite beauty is undeniable as rubies are often seen set prominently in jewelry pieces and accessories such as rings, necklaces, earrings and even crowns. Outstanding ones often make the front page such as Spice Girl Victoria Beckham’s 2009 engagement ring, Elizabeth Taylor’s infamous Ruby Suite and no less than one of Queen Elizabeth’s favorites, the Burmese ruby Tiara.

wearing ruby gemstone

In retrospect, rubies are already considered to be one of the most significant stones. Dating back as far as after Christ, rubies were often associated with religion and folklore. Hindus believed offering rubies to their god Krishna will enable them to reincarnate as an emperor. In India having a ruby helps a person to live in harmony with their enemy. Following suit, the Western part of the world fell in wonder with it as well. European royals and the upper class took possession of rubies as the symbol of their status and wealth and their belief of its promise of good health and triumph in love.

Moving along to the present, rubies continue to be widely popularized by pop culture. It continues to stand as the face of power, mystique, and passion. As depicted in television and film, noteworthy pieces include Dorothy’s ruby red slippers in the Wizard of Oz, Julia Robert’s ruby necklace in Pretty Woman and Melisandre’s ruby pendant in the Game of Thrones. 

ruby gemstone worth

But more than its historical and modern overtones, there are many attributes that proves a ruby’s worth.

Origin and Value 

Let us go on a journey and discover how they are formed! Rubies are formed far below the Earth’s surface where tectonic plates converge. Initially, regular rocks are met with any combination of the following—high pressure, high temperature and hot mineral-rich fluids. This results in metamorphic rocks such as gem grade corundum, its red variety being the ruby. Made up of densely packed oxygen and aluminum atoms, the presence of other minerals and substances, especially chromium, gives this precious stone its dark red hue. More chromium means stronger reds. True to its name, ruby originated from the Latin “ruber” meaning red. In the trade, the finest rubies are often called “pigeon’s blood”.

True rubies are characterized by its vivid level of saturation, durability, and size. Though large quality rubies are rarer, small rubies can also have competitive rates. As the second hardest mineral to diamonds, rubies can also be more valuable. Moreover, untreated quality rubies are world class.

They shine brightest in sunlight at midday projecting an alluring quality that is hard to resist. It is also associated with the sense of “forever” popular to couples who wish to profess their promise on occasions like weddings, engagements, and anniversaries.  Find them at Meycauayan Jewelries where we offer this birthstone for July fashioned in the shape and cut you like.


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