Bluer the blue—are sapphires only blue? - September's Birthstone

Bluer than Blue — Are Sapphires Only Blue?

Get to know sapphires

Meycauayan Jewelries takes pride in its collection of custom-made jewelry pieces featuring quality gemstones. Certainly, we are no strangers to one of the adored gems of the millennium, a variety of corundum, sapphire.

Known as the birthstone of September, sapphire is also associated as the symbol of the sixty-fifth (65th) wedding anniversary which evokes its meaning of loyalty and integrity. Not surprising because sapphire is also one of the most durable gemstones. Its intense blue hue is caused by traces of iron and titanium where the more iron, the bluer its color can be. 

That said, sapphires are not always blue. In fact, it can be any color but red (because that is a ruby). Other colored sapphires are called fancy. Though they are quite rare to find whether in large or small sizes, fancy sapphires provide a variety of options for someone looking for a range. The rainbow of selection is truly extraordinary and can make for interesting pieces such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more.

Another unique quality of sapphire also apparent in rubies is how it reflects light. It has the star effect best seen in white light where hair like strands of inclusions are reflected. Just the right amount of inclusions makes it appealing and too much can make it dull.

Last but not the least is its unusual but interesting variety; color-change sapphires. This type of corundum is remarkable for changing color under different lighting.

Sapphire in perspective

Sapphires are exotic finds that hold value for the traditional and contemporary jeweler. Named after the Greek word for blue “sapphirus”, its appearance echoes a cloudless evening heaven. In relevance, ancient civilizations believed the world sits upon a colossal sapphire reflecting its color in the sky. In mythology it’s been associated with the God Apollo while in chakra theory, it is known to help open the third eye to receive wisdom and insight. It became infamous to ancient healers and was also assumed to be able to connect someone to the spirit world.

In literature, it was said that through Helen’s possession of a large star sapphire she was able to attract men and make them fight in a frenzy ultimately causing the fall of Troy. Meanwhile in another legend, King Solomon was said to own a magical ring with an inscribed sapphire enabling him to command demons and control a greater mystical power. 

Growing widely popular, sapphire became a sought-after gem to royals, rulers and the religious where protection, good fortune and spiritual insight are only some of its many selling points

Aside from its celestial and sacred appeal, sapphire is also akin to faithfulness, sincerity, and virtue. This makes it another popular choice for engagement and wedding rings. Perhaps the most popular sapphire engagement ring is that of the late Princess Diana.

So if ever you wonder about sapphire rings or other sapphire fashion pieces, come to Meycauayan Jewelries and we’ll make a fit for you.

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