Meycauayan Jewelries Logo: Now IPO Registered

The craft of metalsmithing and fine jewelry design requires a combination of essential techniques and artistic vision. Creating exquisite jewelry collections demands a certain skill set that few people have and a great deal of patience and meticulous attention to details. 

At Meycauayan Jewelries, we take great pride in designing, crafting, and manufacturing our very own intricate pieces of gold jewelry adorned with top-quality diamonds and other precious stones. Each pair of wedding rings is a product of our passion to forge timeless beauty out of precious rocks and metals; and of brilliant craftsmanship of our master plateros (goldsmiths) and mananaras (stone setters), all of whom are from  the Jewelry Capital of the Philippines --- Meycauayan, Bulacan. 

As it is our deep commitment to give our clientele only pieces that meet the highest standards of quality and beauty, we also take protecting and securing our exclusive rights to our intellectual property and creations as a serious business. As of this year, we are glad to announce that our logo which carries the letters M.J. and a diamond symbol is now officially a registered trademark under the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) and can be searched at the Global Brand Database.

meycauayan jewelries ipo registration

The logo has become the public face of our company. Its main part features our initials and a sparkling diamond which symbolizes the quality of rocks and gemstones we are offering. We picked the color brown for our seal as this hue creates a connection with the earth and evokes a sense of belongingness. 

We are a company that is very proud of our local roots and it has always been our mission to help revive the local jewelry industry in our hometown, Meycauayan; thus, we chose to carry the name and create a brand that upholds traditional craft techniques while constantly striving to improve and innovate. With our logo now IPO-registered, we feel more confident to grow our business and to bring into the market new collections of delicately handcrafted diamond engagement rings and gold wedding rings. 

Aside from being an advertising device, it is also our aim to associate our logo with the kind of brand and company we aspire to be --- sustainable and ethical. Over the past several years, we have been actively doing our part in promoting guilt-free luxury shopping and in educating Filipino consumers of the options available to them when it comes to shopping for diamond jewelry. The introduction of lab grown diamonds in the local market has attracted a new breed of customers who are increasingly conscientious; and we want to take on this opportunity to raise greater awareness on this eco-friendly alternative to traditionally mined rocks and to enable more people to make clear and informed purchasing decisions.

In order to continually thrive in the jewelry industry, a brand must be able to distinguish itself from others. With a trademarked logo, Meycauayan Jewelries only promises to design and meticulously craft unique, stunning pieces of gold jewelry adorned with ethically sourced gemstones.

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