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How Much Carbon Footprint for a Carat of Diamond?

As more and more jewelers and consumers consider the environmental and social impact of purchasing a piece of diamond more seriously, attention is also shifting to why invest in lab grown diamond?

The amount of carbon footprint associated with mining these precious rocks is a major concern for ethically conscious consumers. Based on figures published by Diamond Foundry, as reported in an article from BBC, mined diamonds are likely to leave a higher environmental footprint as compared to gemstones grown in a laboratory. This is due to the fact that much more energy is needed to extract a diamond from underground than it takes to produce one. In addition to this, most mining companies rely on diesel to operate generators and heavy machineries. Diesel, though considered more efficient, is recognized as one of the largest contributors to environmental pollution worldwide.

More than 125 pounds of carbon could be produced in every carat of diamond that is traditionally mined; while grown diamond is estimated to emit just 6 pounds of carbon. Some may argue that the amount of energy being used to produce lab grown diamonds is also significant, but with the use of cutting edge technology and more companies switching to utilizing renewable energy its carbon emission can still be reduced.

Guilt-free Wedding Luxury

From the wedding proposal to the big day, it’s the sparkly rock on that most precious ring that makes the occasion even more special. Engaged couples are most willing to spend a bit extra on a diamond wedding ring that they can wear throughout their years. The excitement of finding the perfect pair adorned with the most brilliant gemstone to symbolize your eternal love is just priceless. It’s a great memory to look back on in the years to come.

At Meycauayan Jewelries, we are proud not only of our collection of Philippine Handmade Jewelry and intricately crafted gold rings but also of the guilt-free wedding luxury shopping experience that we provide. As part of our conscious effort to promote sustainability and remain an ethical brand, our fine jewellery particularly our engagement and wedding rings can be adorned with eco-friendly lab grown diamonds as per clientele  preferences. These are bona fide diamonds and are now becoming the primary choice of  wedding ring rock especially among millennials and Generation Z. 

Low Carbon Cost, 100 Percent Diamond

A carat of diamond is not without a carbon footprint; but with the rise of laboratory grown diamonds, we now have an option to embellish our rings with genuine rocks that are more environmentally friendly and sustainable. So, what are you waiting for? Go and follow your heart; Choose the most stunning rock to put on your gold ring. Own that dazzling piece of diamond --- guilt-free.


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