What are Handmade vs. Lab Created Diamonds? Dare to Know Which Shines Better

The Handmades Tale

Technically, the term “handmade diamond” is a misnomer. Diamonds cannot be handmade as they are either naturally occurring deep in the earth’s mantle and obtained through mining or they are synthesized through modern technology thereby coining the term lab-grown diamonds.

 To say the least, handmade diamonds may pertain to diamond imitations that are of different composition to real diamonds. Yet we can also look into the term “hand-cut” rather than handmade. Hand-cut or old cut diamonds are made by artisans using hand-held tools, manual labor and a high level of craftsmanship. This truly makes for one of a kind pieces of jewelry that has a special appeal and air of rarity. Unlike using lasers and programs to flawlessly cut through a rough diamond, hand-cut diamonds are made of raw talent and expert techniques. As it echoes the natural beauty of diamonds in accessories such as wedding rings, it has an allure that certainly does not go unnoticed. The revived interest in hand-cut diamonds observed in social and visual media are contributed by customers who appreciate their historical significance and uniqueness. Its value is more than it's worth. Hand-cut diamonds appear to be thicker as they reflect light differently and are more stunning in low light settings refracting a deeper and warmer glow.

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Getting to know laboratory created diamonds

Lab created or lab-grown diamonds are made by experts in a laboratory. Although some people may be wary of its origin, lab-grown diamonds are identical to mined diamonds in its chemical, physical and optical properties. They are also made out of carbon, of the same durability and hardness, and may even be considered more pure than diamonds obtained from mines. By mimicking a diamond’s natural process of creation, lab-grown diamonds are either made through High Pressure-High Temperature (HPHT) or Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) method. These advances in technology gave rise to a new future for diamond jewelries. Certainly, with this generations’ standards and awareness, the growing market for lab-grown diamonds caters to the earth-conscious, encouraging a more sustainable supply chain that avoids negative impact to the ecosystem. As cited in an article by BBC, “The sparkling rise of the lab grown diamond” (2020, H. Constable), nearly 70% of millennials would consider buying a lab grown alternative.

In that sense, Meycauayan Jewelries marries the ideals of two. We are proud of our “handmade” jewelries exhibiting lab created diamonds that are not only magnificent but also ethical. Restoring Bulacan’s pride as the Jewelry Capital of the Philippines, the art of jewelry making is not lost. With our very own diamantaires, Meycauayan Jewelries continues to promote its handcrafted creations for modern Filipinos to appreciate and celebrate their occasions with. We offer the perfect match for engagements and weddings and even dare to indulge the luxury and desire of those who seek it. But what truly shines through it all is our commitment to integrity, art, culture, and heritage. 

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