The Proposal: How to Propose if You Want Her to Say YES

The Proposal: How to Propose if You Want Her to Say YES

For most people, getting engaged is like a once in a lifetime experience. It makes perfect sense to get it just right because it is as important as planning your own wedding. Whether it is something grand, simple, loud or quiet, it takes one person kneeling on one knee with something shining in a box or right on hand looking up in front of another who is usually awestruck or beyond happy with tears. You wouldn’t want anything else other than to hear that one sweet affirmative—that very crucial "yes”.


Though normally, as the home of jewelry making in the Philippines, Meycauayan Jewelries talks about its masterfully crafted brilliant creations, we would like to pull a chair, draw you in and share with you something more than our proud work.

Aside from what we have in our showrooms and the pieces we feature in our digital ads, we also see you, our customers. And what really ties us all together is when you choose to make us a part of your story. When these people come to Meycauayan Jewelries to get their wedding or engagement ring (or both), their stories stay with us. Our clients look for a specific precious stone or a specific design and as they tell us the importance of getting just that, we see their vision and passion. Truly, it inspires us to continue doing what we do.

We come up with the piece made beyond increasing our sales. It is about our dedication for the craft and our customers.  We know. We understand. It is about making sure they get their happy ending.

But aside from searching for the perfect wedding or engagement ring, you probably landed on this page because you already have the ring but you still need inspiration to make that cinematic and epic proposal come to life.

Now lean in closer because here are some wedding proposal ideas you might want to do.

But before we skip to the tips, make sure to complete the preliminaries first.


Nail down the ‘’what”, “where”, and “how” that surrounds her. Relieve your best moments, recall the places she raves about and ask the people closest to her. Don’t just think about how you would want your proposal to be. Make sure, it is all about her. How her eyes would lit up and love it when it happens.

Better be ready than sorry. Like all proposals, this one is perhaps one of the most important you’ll make. It must be well prepared and thought out. One more crucial thing is the perfect setting.


  1. Rent a Cinema. It may seem like an overwhelming fear but renting cinemas is more accessible these days. Whether it’s a movie theater in popular malls or an independent movie house, you have an option whether to make it grand or intimate. You can easily invite your partner to a movie date and surprise her with a personal reel instead. You can also maximize the place and have a program too. There are many ways you can go about it but renting cinema is hip, current, and literally dramatic.

  1. Summer Vacation Destination. Most couples may have missed a lot of chances to go out and wander since the pandemic started. You can have the perfect moment by going on a weekend getaway and since it will feature a good outdoor location, you can have nature as your witness which also offers the best backdrop! Choose from sunrise to sunset or with the moonlight, any of it will surely be romantic.

  1. Go Visit a Museum. Make your own history in a place rich with more than one. If you’re nervous to be in front of the spotlight or too conscious of yourself, you can choose this public and yet special place. Have a date and walk-through halls and different exhibits. Have the best time and get comfortable. Make your proposal memorable in front of your chosen art piece. After it you can always go back to that perfect spot and relive the wonderful moment every time you visit.

  1. At a BookStore or Library. This option is unconventional and more spontaneous than others. It is perfect for bookworms and lovers of literature. You only need to find the right words to say.  When you finally say these words, you can have that personal moment among the comfort of books as the witness to a new chapter unfolding where your story and hers diverge.

  1. Take a Hike and See the Clouds. If you’re an adventurous couple and you have checked that the weather will be nice, go on a hike. It may be exhausting getting to the peak or the point with a breathtaking view but being there will surely give you a surreal moment. Cease it and pray to God she says yes.

  1. Have an Adventure at a Theme Park. Excited to tell the world you are ready to take the next step? Or perhaps you want a quiet moment to propose? A theme park can offer both. This is a good option that can help you have numerous options or a combination of two. Whether you want it on a stage or at the center of a crowd, a private moment while riding the Ferris Wheel, or maybe even have a horse drawn carriage ride to make it a fairy tale come true, plan and choose the place you both want to go to.

  1. Feel Like the Movies and Have a Cruise. The city near the ocean also has yachts for rent that you can have for dinner or overnight. If you have the budget and you want to be above sea while also being under the stars, make it a night for two or with your friends and family. Just make sure the weather is nice and it will be good as you imagine.

  1. Rent a Private Gardens. Gardens are not only reserved for weddings and birthday celebrations. You can also have it for your proposal. Yellow lights hanging, a table for two, maybe even a romantic live music, built the scene she dreamed of. Its mat looks obvious, and she may get nervous, but don’t forget to have a good time and ask.

  1. Make it Big on a Billboard. If your partner travels through the city most days of her life for work or otherwise, putting up a billboard may be a good idea. Find a good deal with agreeable terms and think of something short but sweet to post. If it is readable, you are good to go. Surprise her with your proposal for all of the metro to see.

  1. Reserve a Spot for Fine Dining. The words fine dining may be intimidating and at times associated with affluence. There are choice places popular for their grandeur and special menu. On the other hand, there are also low key but great establishments known for their character and aesthetics. Whether under bright lights or a dinner by candlelight, the classic way of proposing over dinner will never get old.

Surely, there are other places you can set up your proposal, but we hope these suggestions have sparked a unique and personal idea for you.

When she does say yes, be sure to come back here at Meycauayan Jewelries. We’d be happy to come along and see your love story through.


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