Pretty in Pink: The Glam and Allure of Pink Diamonds

Pretty in Pink: The Glam and Allure of Pink Diamonds

The Pink and the Prestige

What never goes out of fashion are diamonds. Regardless of the season, diamonds are relevant, and they only increase in value over time.

Among all kinds of diamonds, Pure or colorless diamonds are more common than its equally attractive counterpart, which are the colored diamonds. Colorless diamonds are made up of Carbon while colored or what gemologists also call as “Fancy Diamonds” have different chemical varieties. The concentration of these chemicals causes the variance in color and the depth or intensity of its tint. Yellow or brown diamonds are most common, but you can see a spectrum from orange, red, violet, blue, green to black.

Approximately only 1% of mined diamonds are colored. It is interesting to know that of all naturally occurring colored diamonds, only 2% are pink.

As it is so rare to find pink diamonds, they fare higher compared to other colored diamonds where the most expensive pink diamond was sold at an auction for US$71.2 million. It is a fancy vivid pink diamond named the “Pink Star Diamond” or currently known as the “Pink Dream”. This oval-cut pink diamond is the largest and internally flawless pink diamond that the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has graded. It stands at 59.60-carat and among all naturally occurring pinks mined, is also the clearest and has the highest color.

The source of this pink hue is a subject of debate in the gemological world, but it is closely attributed to the plastic deformation in the gemstone caused by varying intensities of chemical inclusions, heat and pressure. 


Pink’s Spectrum in Nature and Beyond

There are eight intensities of pink that can occur that are characterized by its hue, saturation, and tone. These are faint pink, very light pink, light pink, fancy light pink, fancy pink, fancy intense pink, fancy vivid pink, fancy deep/dark pink. A more vivid pink color is more expensive than those that are found lighter. Those exhibiting pure pink and purple-pink colors are also highly valued.

The first pink diamond ever found was discovered in the 17th century (in 1642), in the Kingdom of Golconda that is known to today as a western state of India. Concurrently, since this discovery, pink diamonds have also been found in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Russia, South Africa, and Tanzania. Still, the cut, color, clarity, and carat of gem-grade natural pink diamonds are so rare that it is regarded as extraordinary and thus most coveted.

Fortunately, through the advancements in technology and science, it is now possible to produce a lab-grown pink diamond. As mined pink diamonds are hard to come by, searching ladies and gentlemen, now have an alternative. This is made through a high pressure and high temperature method called chemical vapor deposition method (CVD).  Once the lab-grown diamond is formed, it is given the pink hue through a post-color treatment that can result in a range of all gradients of pink possible.


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Pink Diamonds and Popular Culture

Pink is not only an appealing color for its gentle and romantic feel, but also attributed to history, royalty, and affluence. Pink diamond is seen adorning crown jewels of monarchs like the late Queen Elizabeth’s Williamson Brooch whose centerpiece is a 23.6 carat rare pink diamond.

Another is the Darya-i-Nur or also known as the pale pink “Ocean of Light” diamond. This crown jewel originated from India and is currently a prized possession of Iran's Imperial Crown Jewels collection. It is considered as the largest pink diamond existing in the world standing at a total of 186 carats.

There are others that should make this list, but making our final cut is France’ Le Grand Condé. This 9.01 carat light pink diamond was originally prized possession of Louis XIII in 1643. In later years, with the fall of the French monarchy, this was eventually obtained by the French Government. Though frightfully stolen once, it was returned and currently sits at the Museé de Condé in Chantilly, France.

Pink: In depth

Pink is usually related to love, tenderness, and innocence. As such, pink diamonds are like delicate rose-colored petals suitable to represent a sincere romance and bright youthful energy and elegance. 

This makes it one of the most popular choices for engagement rings, especially for women who want something extraordinary as well as something that exudes timeless beauty and for men who want to offer and declare their clear intention to love and marry whom they love.

Honestly, it’s tough to resist the pull and allure of pink diamonds. It is one of the best and rare choices you can make.

Here are some celebrities who broke the internet and said yes to a pink diamond.

Lily Collins

The Emily In Paris star got exactly what she wanted from beau and now-husband writer and director Charlie McDowell. Her ideal guy proposed with a pink rose-cut diamond and has been happily married since September 2021.

Victoria Beckham

It’s been known that since Posh Spice got engaged to fashion icon and football superstar David Beckham in 1998, it has been David’s personal romantic tradition to gift Victoria with a different engagement ring in the span of their marriage. Among these, it was noted that two of these boast a pink diamond center-stone.

Blake Lively

Ryan Reynolds could not help but give a stunning ring to an equally stunning woman such as Blake Lively. The light-pink oval diamond over a rose-gold band did not only wow the woman of his dreams but along with the rest of Hollywood and beyond.

Blush with Pink Diamonds

Feel special and covet a pink diamond of your own. Exude a gentle feminine glow with an engagement ring or a fashion statement piece in pink.

Don’t jump on a plane just yet. Come and see our very own jewelry capital here in the Philippines. No need to look too far or search for royal treasures. Find a pink gem for yourself or your special someone right here at Meycauayan Jewelries. 

Let’s see your options and you will be happy to know that more than being special, we can make it personal.

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