The Allure of Pearls

June is one of the lucky months, aside from August and December, to be abundant in birthstones. If you are born in this month, you can choose from three beautiful options which includes the alexandrite, moonstone, and pearl. 

Among June’s variety of birthstones, pearl is the classic choice, often reminiscent of the ocean or different bodies of water around the world. It resonates a timeless appeal that often goes perfectly with any kind of outfit, be it casual or formal. Certainly, a must-have fashion piece for every woman of any age, it is no wonder that pearls are a wardrobe staple.

In popular culture it can be seen worn by iconic personalities throughout time. In the later 1920, it became a fashion currency made more appealing by the world-known fashion designer Coco Channel who stated, “A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls,". Following suit in the 50s is a true style icon, actress Marilyn Monroe. She loved wearing accessories that enhanced her beauty such as one or multiple strands of pearls. Another one we could never forget is Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” wearing those fabulous strings of pearls around her that has immortalized the Audrey Hepburn-pearl connection since 1961. At present, pearls never lose touch as they keep making a comeback through modern fashion icons such as Angelina Jolie who is seen sporting a chunky pearl necklace or a multi-strand pearls necklace along with simple pearl earrings in her public and red carpet appearances.

celebrity wearing pearls

The Myth Behind the Beauty

According to Greek Mythology, pearls are the tears when gods wept. In other countries such as Persia, now modern Iran, it is believed that pearls are made when a rainbow meets the earth and that imperfect pearls are the result of thunder and lightning. Meanwhile in Japan, it is also associated with the tears of mythical beings such as mermaids, nymphs, angels, and other ancient creatures. One more variation includes the Chinese myth that pearls came from the brain or the head of a dragon.

Although there is a debate about the fortune that pearls bring, it is also believed to bring health, fortune, and prosperity to anyone who wears it.  Because it is also often associated with the moon, when given as a gift, it is thought to symbolize everlasting love, loyalty, and wisdom. It also connotes new beginnings, serenity, and safety. Its different colors also represent different meanings which only proves its popularity across different cultures transcending time. 

Aside from its mystical and mythical association, pearls are also attributed with medicinal qualities believed to cure different ailments in ancient civilizations. It is associated with healing lung-related diseases, eyes, heart, liver, and kidney issues, as well as fever, infections, indigestion, and bleeding.

The Significance of Pearls in Civilizations

Our research also uncovered that pearls are recognized as the world’s oldest gem thus being dubbed as the “Queen of Gems”. In ancient Rome, it is considered as the ultimate status symbol only worn by the ruling class while in 2300BC China, it is esteemed fit as a gift for the royalty.

As it was discovered abundant in the Persian Gulf, it became the center of the pearl trade and the source of wealth for that region. Moreover, pearls are not only significant because they can be worn as an accessory. Beyond being preferred as an ornament they were also traded for food, tools, and other supplies. It was a form of currency used by coastal communities as good as silver or gold would be in later eras where money is used instead.

It was so popular during the reign of the Roman Empire and throughout Central and South America that heralded the 16th Century as the Pearl Age. The demand for pearls continued to expand even in Western Europe that it can be seen worn by the ladies of nobility and royalty. The craze and popularity over it were so intense that it depleted the pearl beds, limiting access and harvest to natural quality pearls. At present natural pearls are considered among the rarest gems accumulating more worth over time. 


Fine quality pearls grow in warm clean waters through pearl-bearing mollusks. They once thrived along the Arabian Gulf, the Red Sea, the Strait of Mannar in India and the waters of Mexico, Central America, and Venezuela but they’ve been exhausted over time, only small quantities of this precious gem are found in these locations today.

Currently, most pearls available in the market are cultured and harvested from pearl farms primarily located in Japan, China, the coast of Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.


Wear Pearls, Pearls, Pearls

Whether you are celebrating an anniversary, or you want to bring glamor into your look, style with a classy set of pearl accessories. Wear any color, shape, or size that best suits your taste and personality. Every girl deserves a string of pearls.

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