October Birthstones: Opal and Pink Tourmaline

The two birthstones for the 10th month of the year are among the most enchanting gemstones in the world. Both are valued for their beautiful and fascinating color combinations. Opal, the traditional birthstone for October, can exhibit shifting colors of the rainbow — an optical phenomenon known as play-of-color. While Pink Tourmaline, the birthstone of October on the modern list, comes in a variety of pink shades — from light pink, deep hues, to hot pink with a brownish undertone.
Mystical Opal
opal birthstone
“Mysterious opals contain the wonders of the skies - sparkling rainbows, fireworks, and lightning, shifting and moving in their depths.” 
Since ancient times, Opal has captivated the imagination of mankind. It has been compared to galaxies, volcanoes, lightning, rainbows, and fireworks. In Arabic legends, it is said to have fallen from the heavens in flashes of lightning. Greeks thought it came from Zeus’ tears of joy that landed on Earth after winning against the Titans; thus, they believed its wearer would possess the gifts of foresight and prophecy. In Indian mythology, the story goes that the Rainbow Goddess turned herself into this precious stone as a desperate act of escape from the male gods who were competing for her affection. In Australian Aboriginal legend, opal was associated with the ancient creator spirit known as the Rainbow Serpent. 
The origin of the name of this mystical gemstone is just as interesting. It was derived from ancient sources: Latin word opalus which means precious stone; Greek word opallios which means to see a change in color  — both words derived from the older Sanskrit word upala which means jewel. Unsurprisingly, Opal has also become a name choice for parents who wanted a gem-inspired name for their baby girl.
Today, we know that opal formed when silica-rich groundwater seeped into deep cracks, settled in rocks, and hardened for millions of years. According to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), opals are classified into two broad classes: precious and common. Precious opals are those that display shifting play of kaleidoscopic colors; while common opals, sometimes known as potch, do not exhibit this flash of spectral colors. Opals are further subdivided into different types. Some of the most popular kinds used as center stone for engagement rings are: fire opals, jelly opals, boulder opals, white opals, crystal opals, and the most prized black opals from Australia.
The iridescent sparkle of opal and the meanings associated with it (such as fidelity, confidence, and loyalty) make it a gorgeous alternative to a diamond engagement ring. It is also a unique and versatile crystal that looks great on a fine piece of jewelry with accent stones. It is important to note, however, that this charming stone is not as durable as diamond, ruby, or sapphire. It needs extra care and love to last for generations.
Mysterious and captivating, this birthstone for Libra is also a meaningful gift to give your partner on your 14th wedding anniversary.
Stunning Pink Tourmaline
pink tourmaline birthstone
Opal and Aquamarine (modern birthstone for March) were originally the birthstones for the month of October, before Pink Tourmaline was officially listed by the National Association of Jewelers as the modern birthstone for the said month. With a Mohs hardness of 7 to 7.5 out of 10, this stunning gemstone is a more practical option for October babies who want fashionable jewelry for day to day wear. 
Pink Tourmaline belongs to the most colorful gemstone family, Tourmaline. Its vibrant pink color that comes in an assortment of shades makes it one of the most popular types of pink gemstone for jewelry pieces. Steadily gaining popularity as an alternative to traditional engagement ring stone, pink tourmaline is also a thoughtful present to celebrate a couple’s 8th year wedding anniversary as it is believed to encourage an influx of love, joy and happiness to fill one's life.
Just like the mystical opal, tourmaline is also rich in history and symbolism. Its name was said to have been derived from the Singalese word touramalli, which means mixed stones. In Ancient Egyptian Legend, the gem is thought to have collected its colors while travelling along a rainbow. In India, tourmalines are used in ancient ceremonies to help people discover that which is good. In Africa, it was considered a powerful gem that can help awaken someone from the dream of illusion. Romans used it to reduce stress and sleep better; while artists in the 18th century used it to revitalize their creativity. Pink Tourmaline is also believed to possess healing properties and is associated with the heart chakra. 
Traditional Opal or Modern Pink Tourmaline? In choosing the birthstone to put on your most precious ring, pick the one that fits your (or your partner’s) personality and lifestyle. 
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