Proposal Ideas During the Pandemic

Weathering with you: still love in the time of pandemic.

2020 pushed us through circumstances like no other. As we continue to battle the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, life as we know it is disrupted and we come face to face with scenarios we have never imagined finding ourselves in. Most, if not all, of our plans put on halt or definitely changed. But change is inevitable so we get in touch with what we do best. Adapt and move forward. I say don’t postpone this. Buy the engagement ring and present the perfect diamond. Get that most important “yes” of your lifetime! 

But what are the footholds towards the ideal proposal?

Make it personal.

It can be pretty challenging planning what to do and how to do it. Considering that the pandemic put certain limitations and imposed necessary measures in our daily lives, we may think that the options are scarce. Still, what makes a proposal special and significant is making it personal. You already have the one. Find inspiration in your story. You can never go wrong with what means so much to both you. Go down memory lane and find where you want to pop the question. Look into your partner’s personality and quirks to know what will make him or her feel special.

Consider the perfect timing.

 What can go worse than this? Apparently an ill-timed proposal. Be sensitive and sensible. Check your partner’s schedule, tune into his or her mood, know the climate surrounding her home and work life. There are so many factors that can play into the best wedding proposal such as the perfect music, setting and props but your partner’s feelings and state of mind are the most important. Make sure that you’re on the same page and though we expect that there’s the element of surprise, don’t give him or her a heart attack.

Don’t be afraid to be emotional.

This is may be one of the most emotional moments you’ll ever reckon. Come up with a message that will describe and articulate how much you feel and how much you want this moment to be right. Stare straight into your partners eyes, get down on one knee and pour your heart and soul out. You only have this one shot. Make sure the message is clear but also, that you are sincere. 

Present the perfect ring. 

The fit may be a puzzle but choose the ring that will represent the feelings you hold and the promise that you are about to make. Consider your partner’s lifestyle, preference and personality in determining the color, cut, setting and overall design. There various designs to choose from. Browsing online or consulting with a jeweler will prove to be helpful.

Ultimately whether your intend to propose via grand gesture, an intimate moment or spontaneously, know that even with a pandemic, love prevails. We can take sweet inspirations from these wedding proposal ideas and transcend any challenges or curve ball that life throws ahead. 

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