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Lab Grown Diamond: Your Guilt-free Luxury Purchase

The allure of purchasing a diamond-adorned piece of bridal jewelry comes not only from the visual beauty and outstanding durability of the gemstone used in the setting; but also from the fact that it is a luxury purchase, both in a financial and an emotional sense. Given the expense involved, most couples sensibly put in a significant amount of time and thought (which involves research) into the purchase particularly on the center stone. With the availability of gem quality lab created diamonds in the market, cost-conscious jewelry consumers can now enjoy a wider range of options to choose from at any budget.

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Lab grown diamond as a guilt-free and cost-effective alternative stone for engagement and wedding rings is growing in popularity, especially among millennials and the younger demographics. It is a genuine diamond that usually costs about 10 to 30% less than mined diamonds of comparable size and quality. As with earth-mined rocks, the price of man-made diamonds depend on a range of factors including what is collectively known as the 4C’s of  Diamond Quality — Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight. Needless to say, higher quality lab-grown diamonds will command a higher price point. (Wholesale, retail, and resale prices of both lab grown and mined diamonds in all the major markets use the 4C’s in conjunction with the *Rapaport Price List to establish a baseline price.)

As a luxury item, the worth of lab-created diamonds is not that of monetary value; what makes it an economically intelligent purchase is the amount of money that can potentially be saved. Couples shopping for diamond wedding rings can either spend less from their set budget, or upgrade their purchase to something bigger or more luxe when they opt to embellish their rings with these rocks. Man-made diamonds pass through fewer hands compared to traditionally-mined gemstones making the process of manufacturing it more cost-effective; with relatively lower prices in the market and guaranteed socially-responsible sourcing, consumers are assured to get more value for their money. These and several more other factors present great reasons to invest in lab grown diamonds.

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As in most jewelry purchases, financial cost is just one important factor to consider when deciding which diamond would be the finest choice. Nowadays, with greater awareness of the serious issues associated with mining activities, more consumers are looking at laboratory produced diamonds as a guilt-free luxury purchase from a logical and ethical standpoint. It is no wonder how, in recent years, responsibly-sourced diamonds have become a trending option among the younger generation of jewelry consumers who view products and brands as extensions of their own values. In choosing lab grown diamonds for engagement and wedding rings, shoppers get the same high-grade exquisite gem without having to spend their life savings.

In our effort to remain a responsible and ethical brand, we at Meycauayan Jewelries ensure that our collection of bridal jewelry only contains pieces set with precious top-grade diamonds that were sourced with sustainability and traceability in mind. 
*Rapaport Price List - the international benchmark used by dealers to establish diamond prices in all the major markets.

Global Diamond Report
Rapaport Price List

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