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Engagement Rings: Which Type Deserves a Yes?

There are so many considerations in choosing an engagement ring for your significant other. Barging in a jewelry store and blindly picking one is probably one of the greatest mistakes you’ll ever make. Our advice would be to boot up your computer, search 'quality engagement rings Philippines,' and get redirected to guides like this one. This will immensely help you in figuring out which ring your partner deserves.

Jewelry stores all over the world offer a wide array of engagement rings. It can be quite overwhelming, so you need to study every single type there is before deciding. Lucky for you, we have already included the most common types of engagement rings in this article, so you no longer need to look further.

5 Types of Engagement Rings


The solitaire ring is perhaps the most popular one in this list because of its classic elegant style. It is named "solitaire" because it only carries a single diamond that is usually set high for maximum light exposure. You can choose whether you would like a classic shaped diamond or an oval or pear shape to make it look bolder. You also have the option to use lab grown diamonds, which are relatively cheaper than the natural ones.


If you want your fianceé-to-be to get everyone's attention through her ring, then this is your best option. This engagement ring’s center stone is surrounded by a halo of accents composed of smaller diamonds, making it appear more shiny and dazzling. Note that this type of ring sometimes goes out of style, unlike the solitaire and the vintage one.

Three Stone

The three stone ring was once considered a classic engagement ring but is now becoming more modern or contemporary. This ring features three stones: one diamond center stone and two side stones usually made of sapphire. The shape of the side stones also varies depending on the jeweler because some prefer elongated shapes over circular shapes. 


Accented engagement rings do not have a single standard appearance. Jewelers may opt for a prong-set setting to feature the accent stones. Those who are more experimental choose to use the pave, bezel, or channel settings, and the outcome is equally pleasing and stunning to look at.


The vintage engagement ring is the one you probably see in your grandmother's hands. They are made of yellow and rose gold, which makes them ideal family heirlooms. Some of the Philippines' quality engagement rings are of this style, so you should consider this if you want your fianceé to be happier with your ring choice.

Final Thoughts

Whether you'll buy an engagement ring with a natural or lab grown diamond, you would still need to consider the way it was designed. That's the primary reason why learning about the ring types we discussed above is essential. The style you will choose should somehow reflect your partner’s personality to make her appreciate it more. 

You also have to keep in mind that she's not the only one who will admire the ring’s appearance but her friends and family as well. We strongly suggest that you visit the jewelry capital of the Philippines, which is Meycauayan, Bulacan to get better options.

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