Ring Size Guide: The Perfect Fit For The Perfect Ring

When you plan to spend the rest of your life with someone, it is only apt to choose the best engagement and wedding rings to give to your partner. Wearing it symbolizes commitment, and if the ring is too tight or too wobbly, the person may choose to not wear it all the time anymore. The initial ring size is also necessary to avoid the hassle of going back to the jeweler to have it resized.

Aside from the ring’s band material and stone – from sparkly gemstones to lab-grown diamond rings, the perfect fit is just as necessary. Hence, we’ll share to you this ring size guide to help you secure the right fit.


Here are some methods in measuring the size of the ring finger:


This method uses a cylindrical rod called the ring mandrel to assess the proportions of existing rings. The ring is then inserted into this marked tool to properly measure its size.


This allows the wearer to fit sample rings in different sizes to accurately obtain his or her size. The sample rings or gauges have measurements even in half-sizes (or sometimes quarter sizes) for better precision.


This simple method involves using a string and enclosing it around the finger to estimate its ring size. The string method is deemed not as accurate as the first two, but if it is the only way to measure the ring, make sure to hold the string as steady as possible especially when you tie and untie it – to avoid making it too tight or too loose.

If you plan to give the ring as a surprise, there are also some secretive ways to ask it from your partner.

You can ask him or her for an existing ring and bring it to the jeweler so it can be measured using the mandrel. You can also seek for the help of a person close to the wearer of the ring -- maybe a friend or a family member, to ask for the size of their ring finger. You can also engage in a casual conversation with them about jewelry sizes and lead it up to actual ring sizes so you can possibly acquire first-hand information from them. 

Aside from the band size, other factors should also be considered when purchasing for the best engagement ring or wedding rings. The height of the ring should not be too overwhelming for the wearer that it becomes quite of a bother when doing chores, and the band material should always depend on the fashion style and taste of the recipient.

Engagements and weddings are momentous and the rings are considered as the centerpiece of these occasions. So it is of utmost importance to ensure that the rings fit comfortably -- just like your partnership; if too tight, it may be a tad uncomfortable and if too loose, it may slip off.

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