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Key Players in the Diamond Industry: Who is calling the big shots?

Long before the world embraced the idea that “a diamond is forever” (1947, F. Gerety), this brilliant gemstone has been the object of fancy and wonder of civilizations' past. But with diamonds growing widely popular, its status has expanded. From being a symbol of the wealthy elite, diamonds became a luxury that consumers of different market classes take pleasure in. This propelled the industry to reach and stay in the heights of global demand.

Naturally, generations of diamantaires were quick and smart to grow their reach and influence, setting their solid feet in the diamond trade. Among these diamond experts and entities, Meycauayan Jewelries share the same passion and will name a few that continue to be at the pinnacle of the diamond industry; holding competition steadily over the test of time.


The Big Shots

Alrosa is the leading diamond exploration company that is partially state-owned and established by decree of the Russian Federation. Having the largest diamond reserves worldwide amounting to 650 million carats as of 2019, they produce a quarter (26%) of rough diamonds globally. They are currently dubbed “the leading diamond producer in the world”. They provide polished diamonds for major jewelry brands such as Tiffany & Co., Chai Tai Fook and Rosy Blue.

De Beers Group is a corporation that maintains an umbrella of companies involved in mining, exploration, production, and innovation among the few. For quite some generations, they have held the monopoly in the diamond industry being the world’s pioneer in dealing with diamonds. At present they are still major dealers amongst corporations and nations with access to the diamond reserves and a strong partner of the popular luxury brand, Louis Vuitton Mot Hennessy Group.

Debswana Diamond Company is a joint venture between De Beers and the government of Bostwana established in 1969 that respects the '' no private mining operations'' policy of the country. As part of the world’s leading diamond producer in value and in volume, this company is the main contributor for the economic growth of Bostwana, which was previously recognized as one of the poorest nations in the world.

Love Local

Further understanding the global supply chain of diamonds of producers, jewelers, retailers and consumers, Meycauayan Jewelries takes inspiration in the key players’ heritage, culture, and standards.  We respect the roots established by our forerunners and aim to hold brand recognition locally in the Philippines. Meycauayan Jewelries take pride in our respectable and ethical business offering quality diamonds. Handmade expertly in Bulacan, our jewelry showcases diamonds set in stunning wedding and engagement rings, pristine necklaces, earrings, bracelets and other regal ornaments.

Moving along, with innovation coming into play and with the steady demand in industrialization we expect to continue witnessing the rapid and consistent rise in the persistence for diamonds. Meycauayan Jewelries is currently taking advantage of this niche and looks forward to growing consistently to become a major player in the Philippine’s diamond industry.

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