Gaze into the Depths of Garnet

A beautiful gemstone rich with history and luster.

Ancient Gemstone and Lore

Garnet is a widely popular precious stone throughout history. It has been used for jewelry and other fancy objects for over a millennium. It has been found in necklaces and talismans buried in the tombs of Ancient Egypt (1887-1878 BCE), in a variety of items and jewelry of Ancient Greek and Rome and was among the widely traded gems even centuries after. Through the middle ages it was preferred by the clergy and nobility and was used to adorn warriors int battle during the Crusades wars. Its association with kings and queens was also the hype during the Victorian Era and was widely popular that many castles and churches had astounding interiors accented by garnet.

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Old civilizations believed in the power of garnet that had it incorporated in ancient traditions and legends as well. Around the medieval times it was believed to cure depression, prevent bad dreams, and relieve diseases. People had faith it was potent against poisons and can guard children from drowning. Meanwhile in India, the tribes believed it would inflict bloody wounds against their enemies while in Persia it was considered a talisman against storm and lightning.

Garnet was also associated by some people as the eyes of a dragon while some believed it is formed miraculously in nature. Others thought carving on it would elicit special magical powers. While religion recounted it shone brilliantly during the Great Flood when the sun and moon didn’t shine. Mixed with traditional folklore, its color was strongly linked to blood and was considered as a symbol of Christ’s sacrifice.

It was both mythical and mystical. As it rose and fell in esteem, this gemstone came back with renewed passion and interest.


Garnet in Fashion

Garnet is widely associated with the red color as its 14th century Middle English origin “gernet” translates to “dark red”. But garnet is found with a wide array of color. Its species are colored with a rich palette of greens, oranges, pinkish oranges, deeply saturated purplish reds, and even some blues with reds as the most common and blues as the rarest.

The gemstone quality garnet are the transparent specimens that can transmit light while the opaque or amber-like quality garnets are used for industrial abrasives due to its strong and hard composition. That said, generally all garnets have the same crystal structure even though they vary in chemical composition. Among the twenty kinds of garnet, only five are considered gem-grade category. Its internal features can attribute for a garnet’s value. When cut expertly it can display a dazzling amount of fire.

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Birthstone Jewelry

In Astrology, garnet is described as the birthstone for Aquarius and Capricorn and the birthstone of January. It is also the gemstone used to mark the second anniversary of marriage. Accentuate your dark wet days and nights illuminating garnet in your fashion jewelry and accessories. Wear love, life, and vigor. Find them crafted handmade at Meycauayan Jewelries fit for any occasion.

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